Why We Exist Now

picture of Fuzzle the chicken

Practically the only reason as to why Fuzzlesoft ever started was due to one magnificent animal by the name of "Fuzzle." Fuzzle is a chicken who, funny as it may sound, inspired me to do something more in my life. This something happened to be developing software and websites for computers. She is still alive today and impresses us all with her strange behaviors and will pass on her "awesomeness" to future generations.


What We've Done

logo of game called Ping

Nothing useful has been developed yet but we have created several games. The first one was a test and is called Phazeball and is absolutely terrible. It was shortly followed by Takeoff which was slightly better. Currently, we are constantly learning more about website development and are working on Phazeball 2

What We Plan To Do

Our roadmap of of the future does not hold anything more exciting than the finishing of Phazeball 2 and the designing of others' websites as of yet.

Who We Work With

Currently we are only working with an image designer and sound developer by the name of "Alpha Nova" who can be located at Phyziks Studios